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You should always feel free to contact us. Before taking a trial of our online Quran classes, you had better confirm with us.  Contact us for learning Quran online. We can contact you if you fill-up the online form given below. We contact you via e-mails, and WhatsApp messages to give a start to your course.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are not able to find answers to your questions in frequently asked questions, feel free to ask anything about us by sending us a message.

How it works?

Our Technical Team will guide you and your child through the basic installation of the software. It takes less than a minute to be online and start taking classes. On-going live classes are conducted 7 days a week you need very basic familiarity with a computer and the internet. You do not need any computer expertise to take lessons.

How The Software Work?

The web-based meeting and audio-video software enable students to interact with real-life teachers from any computer with internet access. By providing a human touch to computer education, we guide students personally in order to learn The Holy Qur’an effectively whilst providing an online learning experience through online interactive technology.

Do you only teach Quran?

No, we also teach the basics of Islam like Declarations/Kalimay, Salat/Prayer, hadith, and Dua’s. Please visit the Courses page for more courses.

How do i contact if the tutor is not available?

Please, call on one of our tutoring center telephone numbers given on our website.

Do You Have Discounts?

Yes, there is a discount for two or more two members of the family. See Family Package.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time by giving 1 month’s notice.

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